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Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports, rips Jacques Rogge and new hole.

Jacques Rogge is so bought, so compromised, the president of the IOC doesn’t have the courage to criticize China for telling a decade of lies to land itself these Olympic Games.

All the promises made to get these Games — on Tibet, Darfur, pollution, worker safety, freedom of expression, dissident rights — turned out to be phony, perhaps as phony as the Chinese gymnasts’ birthdates Rogge was way too slow to investigate.

One of the most powerful men in sports turned the world away from his complicity. Instead, he has flexed his muscles by unloading on a powerless sprinter from a small island nation.

Rogge’s ripping of Usain Bolt’s supposed showboating in two of the most electrifying gold-medal performances of these Games has to be one of the most ill-timed and gutless acts in the modern history of the Olympics

Brilliant stuff. Do read the rest.



  1. peter stainton Said:

    I was amazed by Jacques Rogge’s “instructions” to our Olympic Committee to “get it right”. He’s now telling us, after the 2012 games were awarded to Great Britain to match what Beijing (China) has done in 2008.
    The financial basis for the staging of the games is entirely different in both cases. Gt. Britain has a ‘budget’ for the country as a whole and can only spend an affordable and allotted sum on those games: the budget that was presented with the application to hold the Games in the UK.
    Furthermore his patronizing remarks about Usain Bolt were in bad taste.
    I agree with him on one point he made: that Ben Ainslie’s gold medal was as important as the medals won by Phelps or Bolt. And that goes for the medals won by Rebecca Adlington.
    The adulation given to Bolt was a bit excessive only in so far as it was much greater than that given to other medal winners (sic).

  2. blacksunreview Said:

    I agree Peter. Re the budget, I see Boris is saying it will come in either on-budget or under. I really can’t see that happening at all. It’s gone from £3.4bn in 05/06 to £6.9bn in 06/07 and now tops a whopping £9bn – still less than the Chinese have spent, but then they have the taxes of over a billion people and funds from all their lovely electrical goods we buy to pay for it. We’re doing on substantially less! Trouble is, it will get harder and harder to justify the costs now the Economy is teetering on recession and people are feeling the pinch in a way they haven’t for some considerable time.

    Rogge should be booted out in my opinion, but who to replace him with – as far as I can tell, they’ve all got their snouts in the trough.

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