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Murdered by a Drunk Racist

Truly terrible – an awful loss of a young life.

But not as terrible as the comments on the piece. Take this gem from “Sarah” – what a pitiful excuse for a human being she must be.

Yes, Sarah, because they were “hanging around” – he was just asking for some maniac to jump out of a car and cut his throat, eh? Are you fucking insane you stupid ignorant fuckwit of a person. This is a free Country, if someone wants to “hang around” – then they should be able to do it without fear of a psycho knifing them. You Sarah, can fuck off and die, you don’t deserve to be a member of the Human Race.


Islamic Insanity

From Gulf News

Saudi Man kills daughter for converting to Christianity.

A Saudi man working with the Commission for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice recently killed his daughter for converting to Christianity.

According to sources close to the victim, the religious police member had cut the tongue of the girl and burned her to death following a heated debate on religion.

According to the article, the girl had written a post on a group blog saying how her family had become suspicious of her following a discussion on religion.

According to the Saudi Al Ukhdoud news website, the victim wrote an article on the blog of which she was a member under the nickname “Rania” a few days before her murder.

She wrote that her life became an ordeal after her family members grew suspicious about her after a religious discussion with them.

She said that her brother found some Christian articles written by her as well as a cross sign on her computer screen. Since then he started to insult her and blamed the internet for pushing her to change her religion.

The “Free Copts” website published a message which it received from a friend of the victim, revealing that the killer is in police custody and that he is being investigated for an honour related crime.

Saudi religious scholars have frequently warned against the dangers of Christian internet websites and satellite TV channels which attract Muslim youngsters to change their religion.

They decreed that watching these channels or browsing these websites which call for conversion to Christianity by various means is against the teachings of Islam.

People like this have no understanding of the sanctity of life or the freedom of conscience. What an utter and complete bastard.

Via the estimable Mick Hartley