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Classic Doctor Who Director to be Interviewed

Doctor Who classic series director, Waris Hussein, is to be interviewed at the National Media Museum as part of their Bite the Mango 2008 festival.  He will also be presented with a lifetime achievement award as part of the celebrations.  From their site:

Bite the Mango returns for its 14th edition in 2008 with another packed line-up pf premieres, previews and special guests. Veteran director Waris Hussein will receive a lifetime achievement award in recognition of more than 40 years as a filmmaker on projects as diverse as Doctor Who, Edward and Mrs. Simpson, The Possession of Joel Delaney and Clothes in the wardrobe


Who Said…

Subtitle Wordles from Doctor Who This is the one from The Long Game from Chris Eccleston’s era:

Created By the genius that is Matthew Somverville. You should check out some of the other work on his site. Particularly the stuff for mySociety, which reminds me, we still miss you Chris.

Heh. Strange. Never imagined for a second when I decided to post those Wordles, it would end up with an Obit. of Chris Lightfoot (God-like genius). Funny old world, eh?

More Who Goodness

For those of you (like me) who are in a period of deep withdrawal and mourning after the end of this year’s Doctor Who, there’s lots of writerly goodness (and probably a hint of campery) still to come with three events that will dovetail neatly to the Christmas episode.

Steven Moffat will be interviewed on 23rd of this month at the Media Guardian event at the Edinburgh International Television Festival

John Barrowman and Russell T Davies will both be at the Times Literature ’08 Festival in Cheltenham on Sunday 12th October.

Russell will also be giving a talk on the forthcoming Doctor Who: A Writers Tale book at the National Theatre on Friday 7th November. I expect Russell will be hard pressed to keep the questions about the return of you-know-who at bay this close to Christmas.

An interdisciplinary Post-Graduate Conference on Doctor Who

A bargain, at only £20!

Our goals are as follows:

1. A celebration of the contribution of Doctor Who and all of its spin-offs to modern society.

2. The promotion of general British culture, Welsh culture, and Arts and Humanities education.

3. Increased communication between academics and the general public on common ground.

Timed to anticipate the 45th anniversary of the premire episode and located in Cardiff, the main filming location of all three current series, we intend to have two full days of academic programming devoted to various aspects of the complex and multi-layered ‘Whoniverse.’ The specifics of the programme will be based upon the abstracts we receive, but we anticipate the following types of papers and posters:

Who’s History?

An examination of the historical events shown, referenced, or used symbolically or allegorically in the series.

Who’s Society?

Looking at the various social trends and changes reflected over the course of the series (e.g., feminism and women’s liberation, gay rights, etc).

Who’s Mythology/Religion?

Looking at the various mythico-religious and folklore elements in the series.

Who’s Morality?

Issues of differing moralities shown in all of the series. This will be done in an open discussion format which has been used successfully in the United State

If only it wasn’t slap bang in the middle of term (papers to write and all that), I’d be down there like a shot. Both Paul Cornell and Rob Shearman will be in attendance.

3 in a Row

Heh. The genius that is Steven Moffat has just won his third Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form for Blink, after winning in the same category the previous two years for The Girl in the Fireplace and The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances.

Go0d god, but I’m looking forward to 2010. As is customary on these occasions…. SQUEE!

Who Covers

The Radio Times has a long tradition of putting Dr Who on the front of the magazine – they have provided pictures of every Who cover since the show began, at the site. Here’s a couple to whet your appetite, including the classic Jon Pertwee pose.

William Harntell, The First Doctor

William Hartnell, The First Doctor

That Classic Pertwee pose, The Third Doctor

That Classic Pertwee pose, The Third Doctor

Two Tardises collide, The Fifth and The Tenth Doctors

Two Tardises collide, The Fifth and The Tenth Doctors

Doctor Who exhibition starts at Earl’s Court

The Website

…and from today’s Telegraph, a Dalek, Cyberman and Sontaran arrive by Tube…..