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Delia Derbyshire

I absolutely love this cover version of the original Doctor Who theme, I’m pretty sure Delia would have approved.

If you’re interested you can find more information on the utter genius that is Delia Derbyshire, via these links:

Delia Derbyshire – Wikipedia Entry

Delia Derbyshire Audiological Chronology

“…Forget about this, it’s for Interest Only…” Derbyshire invents Dance Music! I find this eerily similar to the first break-beat in Goldie’s 1994 classic Inner City Life – it’s about five minutes in

Introduction to Delia and her methods

Making a new Who theme tune based on the Original

History of the Radiophonics Workshop

WFMU briefly on Derbyshire

BBC Four Music – Alchemists of Sound

Insufficient Data Coming Through

A green Cortina, vinyl roof, the smell of Stimorol and engine oil and love. The tape player blasting. Do you remember?

Fuck Your Fears

Via FOUND Magazine

I heart this, to the max.