Harry’s Place & Jenna Delich

Harry’s Place appears to have succumbed to the bonkers UK libel laws after posting information relating to Jenna Delich and her circulation of information from notorious Neo-Nazi David Duke’s website.

This is VERY BAD NEWS. Moronic academic sends filth and hate via a professional network (something which she has yet to deny) and UK ISP shits it’s pants when a complaint is made.

Harry’s place is now operating from here – do go and show your support.

UPDATE: As Inna points out in the comments, Jenna Delich has actually admitted using the quote from the article on David Duke’s website. If her plea of ignorance regarding Duke is true that is one thing – but to then copy/paste this quote without fully reading the article she has shown herself to be naive in the ways of the internet; it’s clearly Anti-Semitic as the quotes in the comments below and in The Jerusalem Post report show.



  1. Inna Said:

    Actually, she admitted that she sent out a link to a racist web site. Her own words:

    “I didn’t realise who David Duke was nor did I hear of him. I just looked
    at the article not the website where it appeared. Apologies for picking
    up that website as I personallly am strongly against any racists,
    anti-semitists and the likes of them. I just found the article quite
    powerful, and none are saying that Joe Quinn (the author of the article) is a racist or anti-semitist, and the article is quite interesting….”

    Some quotes from this “quite powerful” article are also in order:

    “the inhabitants of the Israeli town of Sderot who, as stated, have been making a lot of noise about their suffering from qassam rockets fired by the palestinian resistance.”

    “Could that ubiquitous “conspiracy theory” actually be closer to a conspiracy fact?”

    “Now, I know what you are thinking: Israeli politicians and military advisors don’t want their precious soldier back, that they want to use him as an excuse to kill more Palestinians and maybe wage war on Syria. Heck, you might even be thinking that the Israeli military and government actually knew that an attack of this nature was planned, and allowed it to happen. To which I can only say: eh…yep, that’s seems to be the measure of it, but please, be careful about using logic and critical thinking, it might get you in trouble.”

    “What I want you to ask yourself is what the details of this conflict, and the current escalation over the capture of Cpl. Gilad Shalit, say about the value that Israeli politicians assign to the lives of Palestinian civilians, simply as a people, and what, if any, parallels with events in Europe from 1939-1945 come to mind. ”

    Anyway–those were the quotes that offended me personally the most. JPost has a different set of quotes (in that same article) that the JPost writer the most (see http://www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?cid=1219572133936&pagename=JPost%2FJPArticle%2FShowFull )

    Saul may be right in that his picks are more offensive than mine–but one thing’s for sure, that article definitely belongs on David Duke’s web site.



  2. blacksunreview Said:

    Thanks for the Information, Inna. I have updated the post.

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