Mind Hacks on the fMRI Smackdown

Top psychology site Mind Hacks has an excellent post on the mounting controversy around the use of fMRI to understand and map the functions of the brain against the behaviour of the individual. This controversy has been building for a while, and I guess it will remain far from settled for some time to come.

You can find lots more information about the uses and limitations of fMRI at these sites:

fMRI 4 Newbies

Functional MRI & The Brain

Columbia University’s fMRI Page

All About fMRI

Introduction to FMRI, University of Oxford


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  1. betterlivingthroughscience Said:

    As a fMRI-scientist I have to say I think the controversy is a bit hyped-up – nobody’s really questioning the validity of fMRI as an experimental technique, but of course a lot of the applications that it’s used for are maybe slightly dodgy. Like every other technique, you can use it for good or bad science.

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