Irony Meter at Maximum

Gideon George Oliver Osborne, Son of the 17th Baronet of Ballintaylor in the County of Tipperary talks about *cough* fairness at today’s Comment is Futile.

So on fairness and progressive goals, the Conservatives are leading the agenda, with the right ideas and policies. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Labour. That must keep Mr Miliband awake at night. But whether or not you mention Gordon Brown in newspaper articles like this, a change of leader won’t help. Because the Labour party itself has run out of ideas.

Fuck off Gideon, your very titled existence is proof positive of the elitist system at the heart of British life. You know nothing of poverty and neither does Dave – the idea that you have the solutions to it is laughable. We probably will have Tory Government after the next election, this present Government is full of bastards, but just you wait to see how big the bastards are in the next.


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