Turkish Creationist challenges Dawkins to Evolution Debate

From today’s Guardian, here:

Richard Dawkins is used to being provoked by loony American evangelical creationists. But his latest challenge comes from a strange Turkish figure called Harun Yahya whose lavishly produced (and frankly preposterous) four-volume tome The Atlas of Creation caused a stir last year when it was sent to thousands of academics across Europe.

Yahya (real name Adnan Oktar) has invited Dawkins to debate Darwin’s theory of evolution with him publicly. Yahya believes the theory “has lately suffered a global collapse”.

Yahya says…

Let Dawkins ask the same questions to us, and let us give our answers. Let us supply our evidence, and let him bring his – if he has any. Then let the public decide who is right. We want the public to know on a larger scale how Darwinism is a false theory and how it is the greatest deception of the world’s history. We are confident that the days are soon to come when people will laugh, asking themselves “How could we ever believe this theory?”

Renown self-publicist and Film faker is out of luck, Dawkins has consistently said he won’t take part in these debates as it lends the oxygen of publicity and an audience to those whose ideas are so ludicrous, it’s hardly worth having the argument at all. Dawkins himself explains here how the “stumped” film came about. I very much doubt whether he’d want to give this guy any more credence. Which is a shame in a way, as I love nothing more than seeing Creationists get bitch-slapped. 

Actually that reminds me of something…


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