Bill Donohue: Fuckwit

After the Pharyngula debacle (more here) involving Catholic League President, all-round war mongering, fuck the poor, uber-conservative Bill Donohue – it seems Billy Boy now has someone else in his sights.

The latest missive from Chez Medieval is to demand that the Democratic Party should revoke Press credentials from “offensive” bloggers.  The wonderfully named Bitch PhD. says that, even as a very “crappy” Catholic she finds these items offensive.  Dependably idiotic Bill, has leapt straight on the bandwagon (going in the wrong direction) and criticised the blogger for daring to say that these “toys” are more offensive than the “desecration” of the Eucharist by PZ Myers – and that she has a picture of a child on her blog flipping someone the bird – a somewhat naughty, but nonetheless hilarious image, I might add.  Of course, there is still some ire left for the homosexuals as well.  Towleroad describes itself as ‘A Site with Homosexual Tendencies.’ Accordingly, it shows men in jock straps and underwear.  Whoppee fucking shit. First amendment Bill, first amendment.

Bill, you complete arse, I ‘ve said it before and I’ll say it again – and I’ll keep saying it – in a civil society, no one has the right to complain about being offended. Being offended, offendable and offensive is one of the things that sets us free. Liberty, if it means anything, is the right to tell people what they don’t want to hear. Ah, now, I see the problem – you don’t like that do you Billy? Freedom is a VERY. BAD. THING. Free people might just stop believing in the biggest bullshit tale ever sold to mankind – Religion. And we wouldn’t want that would we. Must advance the cause, eh Billy? Here’s a final thought Billy: Why don’t you fuck off and take your medieval misogynist racist homophobic sky-fairy tales with you. Honestly, do us a favour and disappear up your own arse.


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