An interdisciplinary Post-Graduate Conference on Doctor Who

A bargain, at only £20!

Our goals are as follows:

1. A celebration of the contribution of Doctor Who and all of its spin-offs to modern society.

2. The promotion of general British culture, Welsh culture, and Arts and Humanities education.

3. Increased communication between academics and the general public on common ground.

Timed to anticipate the 45th anniversary of the premire episode and located in Cardiff, the main filming location of all three current series, we intend to have two full days of academic programming devoted to various aspects of the complex and multi-layered ‘Whoniverse.’ The specifics of the programme will be based upon the abstracts we receive, but we anticipate the following types of papers and posters:

Who’s History?

An examination of the historical events shown, referenced, or used symbolically or allegorically in the series.

Who’s Society?

Looking at the various social trends and changes reflected over the course of the series (e.g., feminism and women’s liberation, gay rights, etc).

Who’s Mythology/Religion?

Looking at the various mythico-religious and folklore elements in the series.

Who’s Morality?

Issues of differing moralities shown in all of the series. This will be done in an open discussion format which has been used successfully in the United State

If only it wasn’t slap bang in the middle of term (papers to write and all that), I’d be down there like a shot. Both Paul Cornell and Rob Shearman will be in attendance.


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