Snoopers Charter

Why is it this Government is so interminably bent on prying into every corner of our lives? At first the excuse was always “terrorism” – now it seems, they just want to create a culture where everyone is constantly seen as a suspect, until they check your records and confirm you are not.

Ministers want to make it mandatory for telephone and internet companies to keep details of all personal internet traffic for at least 12 months so it can be accessed for investigations into crime or other threats to public safety.

The Home Office last night admitted that the measure will mean companies have to store “a billion incidents of data exchange a day”. As the measure is the result of an EU directive, the data will be made available to public investigators across Europe.

The consultation paper published yesterday estimates that it will cost the internet industry over £50m to store the mountain of data.

Apparently both the Libs and the Tories have branded it the “Snoopers Charter” – can’t say much for the Libs, but the Tories can fuck right off, they are just as much snooping busybodies as Labour. Again, I say, it feels like they are conspiring to create a culture of suspicion – where only the State may decide your “status” as an innocent.

They want to create a super-database containing all the local information. How that will work is anybody’s guess – the amount of data it would contain would be enormous. How would they even make the thing searchable in anything like an acceptable timescale?

This Government has had some MAJOR shortcomings when it comes to IT systems – it doesn’t exactly fill you with confidence.

Seven in 10 government IT projects in the United Kingdom have failed, according to the chief information officer of the Department for Work and Pensions.

Joe Harley called for projects to be completed at a lower cost to the taxpayer, and said the government wanted to reduce the number of project failures to just one in 10.

Speaking at the Government IT Summit this week, Harley said: “Today, only 30 percent of government IT projects and programs are successful. We want 90 percent by 2010/11. We want to achieve a 20 percent overall reduction on IT spend in government, including reducing the total cost of a government laptop by 40 percent [in the same timescale].”

Remember EDS and the Child Support Agency fiasco or Siemens and the Passport Agency, perhaps and lets not even get into The Spine. It’s not difficult to see this whole thing heading down the plughole and at what cost the taxpayer?

This Government seems determined to drive itself from Office, and these types of issues (and ID cards) are the very thing doing it. The People don’t want the damn thing; but we are forced by these authoritarian twats to not only have it, but to pay for it to boot. Bastards.


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