Wednesday Wistful #2


King’s-heart. Kernel of a lofty
lordly-tree. Balsam-fruit.
Golden heart-nut. Poppy of urns
in the middle of the middle-building
(where the reverberation cracks off
like a splinter of stillness
when you bestir yourself,
since it seems to you
that your previous
bearing was too loud…),
nation evaded,
in the invisible circle
circling king’s-heart.

Where, whither is
the nimble lover’s
: Smile, from without,
placed onto the hesitant
roundness of cheerful fruits;
or for the moth, perhaps,
costliness, gauze-winging, feeler…

Where, but where that which sang her,
that which sang her into one,
the poet’s-heart?
: Wind,

Rainer Maria Rilke 04.12.1875 – 29.12.1926


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